“Political Discourse in the Composition Classroom: Teaching Election Literacy by Using Ballot Measures as Topics for Analytical Essaying,” Florida Communication Association

“So What? Why Do We Care? Using ‘Dimensions of the Human Experience’ as a Springboard for In-Depth Literature Discussion and Analysis,” Florida College English Association

“Hapless No More: Contemporary Kids Cartoons Pave the Way for Dad Role-Models,” Let’s Retire the Trope of the Hapless Dad panel, Popular Culture Association of the South / American Culture Association of the South Annual Conference

“Women in Genre” panel, MegaCon

“Creating Characters” panel, MegaCon

“Hot for Teacher(s): Expectations of Performance for Young Female Faculty,” Sunshine State Teaching and Learning Conference


“Speaking New Languages: Bridging Interdisciplinary Practices in Writing Classrooms” panel, College English Association Conference

“Writing Comics Workshop” Orange County Library System

“Productivity Planning for Writers” Orange County Library System Writing Conference


Graphic Narrative Workshop, Litlando

“Diversity in Fiction” Orlando Writing Conference

“Diversify Your World: Teaching Creative Writers to Expand their Setting” Florida College English Association

““Go Ask Alice: Nibbles, Sips, and Little Pills to Make You Ten Feet Tall,” Other Words Literary Conference


“Comics, Films, Songs, & More: Multimodality in Creative Writing & Composition Courses,” Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference

“Drawing Outside the Lines: Teaching Comics in the Writing Classroom,” Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference

Moderator: “It’s All True!” Orlando Book Festival

Moderator: “Crafting Tension” Orlando Book Festival
Flash Fiction Panel, Litlando


“Scaffolding Courses through Multimodality,” Florida College English Association Conference.

“Injecting Imagery Into Your Work,” Florida Writers’ Association Annual Conference

“Submitting Your Short Work to Literary Journals,” Florida Writers’ Association Annual Conference

Moderator: “Writing Trauma,” Florida Writers’ Association Annual Conference

Moderator: “Roundtable with Self Published Authors,” Florida Writers’ Association Annual Conference

Moderator, The Immigrant’s Dream: Cuban Culture and Storytelling, UCF Book Festival

Panel Chair, E.08 – Pedagogy, Multimodality, and Digital Technology, Conference for College Composition and Communication


Guest Speaker, Other Words Literary Conference

Roundtable, How Fiction Writers View Orlando, UCF Book Festival

Moderator, Long Stories Short: Authors of Short Fiction Read Their Work: David James Poissant, Vanessa Blakeslee, & Karen Brown panel, UCF Book Festival

“A Student’s Perspective,” Building a Space for Comics in the Creative Writing Program panel, Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference

Roundtable, Sorry, Did You Say Something? How Women Writers Get Heard, Get Read, and Get Even panel, Florida Writers’ Conference


“Creating an MFA Reading Series,” Fostering Literary Communities in Florida Cities panel, Other Words Literary Conference

“Picky Eater: A Study in Sequential Art,” Graduate Research Forum

“Making Martial Art,” Living with Objects Panel, Reimagining Objects: English Symposium

“Comics as Legitimate Literature,” Video Games, Fan Fiction, & Comics: Alternative Genres as Legitimate Literature panel, The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference


“Readers, Reading, and Reviews: An Exploration of Why Traditional Book Reviews Suck (And How We Can Make Them Better!),” Creative Readers and Writers panel, Reimagining Subjects: Inaugural English Symposium

“Editor’s Round Table,” Florida Writers’ Conference

“The Marriage of Painting and Poetry: Graphic Narrative as a Legitimate Medium for Storytelling in Introductory Creative Writing Courses,” Art as Literature panel, Blank Pages: Creative Writing Symposium


“Shakespeare’s Strong Female Doctors: Portia and Helena,” The Sigma Tau Delta: Omega Mu 2nd Annual Undergraduate Symposium