A headshot of Leslie Salas, a white-passing Puerto Rican woman. She has bright red, shoulder-length, wavy hair with golden streaks in front of her ears. She wears red-rimmed glasses. Her eyes are light brown and she has an amused, tight-lipped smile with bright lips. She wears a simple black shirt. The space behind her is blurring and light-colored, lookign like shelving and artwork tacked onto light-colored walls.

Leslie Salas is an anthologist, specializing in creative and academic collections.

Leslie holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida is a graduate of the University of Denver Publishing Institute. She serves as the graphic editor for SweetLit, an online literary journal of poetry and nonfiction. Occasionally, she also writes essays for The Gloria Sirens magazine co-hosts The Drunken Odyssey podcast.

Her major publications include editing several creative writing anthologies and popular culture essay collections. She also writes fiction, nonfiction, graphic narrative (comics), stageplays, and screenplays.

The wonderfully weird state of Florida, with it’s lush heat and innovative industries, is where Leslie calls home.