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The cover of the book is bright orange. An illustration of Orlando Bloom's face takes up most of the space. An orange bar blocks his face at eye level, and the words "OTHER ORLANDOS" appear there. Underneath are the words "An Anthology Edited by Leslie Salas"

Orlando is anything but the Florida city so often associated with theme parks.

Writers from all over the world are inspired by the palm trees, sunshine, and mouse-eared pizazz of the world’s top vacation destination. However, those of us from Orlando, Florida know better.

I reached out to several Orlando-based writers and poets with a challenge: distinguish many of the other Orlandos through their craft. The result is over thirty thousand words composed in reverence to people, places, and things also named Orlando.

In large, curly font over the top of the book cover is the text "Condoms and Hot Tubs Don't Mix: An Anthology of Awkward Sexcapades." Underneath is an image of a man and woman hugging in a hot tub, surrounded by greenery and white flowers. They both look shocked and repuled as they look towards the bottom of the image, which shows a condom floating in the water. The text "Edited by Jennie Jarvis and Leslie Salas" appears between the couple and the condom.

Sex in the real world isn’t as glamorous as romance novels portray.

Real, consensual sex is messy, silly, fun, and sometimes more than a little bit awkward. This collection features stories of untimely boners, shower-stall slip-and-falls, the police showing up at your post-prom romp in the park, and even that unfortunate college escapade where lovers realized condoms and hot tubs don’t mix.

This sex-positive, LGBTQ+ friendly book reflects on and celebrates consensual sex between adults as a fallible act done by fallible people. Works ranging from teasing vanilla romance to titillating hardcore kink.

All profits from this collection are donated to Planned Parenthood.